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Influencer Marketing 可以说是最近五年来最具影响力的营销创新手段;它直接、有效、和传统的广告推广渠道相比似乎也更加经济。不过,要发挥网红营销的最大潜力也需要各大品牌找到正确的influencer 以及制定正确的营销策略,否则即便是最当红的网红也无法给品牌增加销量,甚至会招致负面的影响。今天这篇Essay代写范文就是关于Influencer Marketing 的几个成功和失败的案例。


Before the social media gained a strong foothold in the internet, it would be relatively difficult for businesses to find a suitable vendor who can help them efficiently influence customers. And the product choices on the market are overwhelming; customers are gradually losing sight of who they can trust. Over the past few years, with the rapid development of the internet, influencer marketing, as a way of advertising, has completely disrupted the traditional marketing paradigm.

This form of marketing focuses on influential individuals rather than the whole social media. This marketing model is more targeted and efficient, but still needs to pay much attention to some critical points; otherwise, a bad influencer marketing practice may ruin the reputation of the whole brand. This paper presents several successful and unsuccessful influencer marketing cases, hoping to shed more lights on this booming economic phenomenon.

2.Good Influencer Marketing Practice

2.1 Increase in Sales: Tod’s with Mr. Bags

A good influencer marketing practice may have several features, but the first and the most obvious one would be a direct increase in sales. The collaboration between the luxury brand Tod’s and the weibo celebrity “Mr. Bags ( @Bags包先生)”was the best example. The two fashion gurus collaborated with each other to sell 200 bags which were specially designed for this campaign, and they planned to sell all of the 200 bags within a day (June 30th ).

Mr. Bags’followers know that he holds quality in high regard when it comes to define a goodbag, so Tod’s, a brand that also puts quality on a sacred place, decided to choose Mr. Bags as their promoter. They created the styles of the bags together, and Mr. Bags even filmed a vlog to share the behind-the-scenes efforts of producing a Tod’s bag to his followers.

The great combination of Tod’s reputation and Mr. Bag’s popularity was the surefire method of an influencer marketing success. In fact, one of their designs, a waved bag, was sold out within 5 minutes and the sales indexes of both Tod’s and Mr. Bags soared incredibly on June 30th. The key point of Tod’s and Mr. Bags’influencer marketing success was that Tod found an influencer who shared the same marketing concept with its brand.

2.2 Increase Brand Popularity: Airbnb China with Several Weibo Celebrities

Airbnb is acompany that connects travelers with homeowners who have rooms available for rent. They named its new Chinese branch as “Ai Bi Ying”, which means”welcome with love”. Its target customers are the middle class, especially those young white-collar officers, so they collaborated with several weibo influencers and celebrities who love travelling, such as @Ming(奚梦瑶),@jolie, and other five influencers. Airbnb invited them to stay in several different-styled native rooms and experience different-styled life around China.

Airbnb’s campaign made a great success because they chose the right influencers who can demonstrate the features of its brand and needs of the target group. This influencer marketing helped Airbnb gain a lot of popularity in its brand new Chinese market. Its hashtag #爱彼迎旅行体验(Travelwith Airbnb)# generated 13.2 million views and 6000 discussions on Weibo. Airbnb was mentioned 2.04 million times on Weibo at the launch day, showing a 2000% increase compared with the statistics before the campaign launch.

2.3 Increase Brand Value: SK II with Rulu Jiang (@蒋欣) and WeiTang(@汤唯)

The leading skincare brand SK-II collaborated with Chinese influencer Rulu Jiang and Wei Tang when the “feminism” topic was heated in China. They shot a VCR called“Life Has No Limit” which indicted the phenomenon of “leftover women” in nowadays’ Chinese society. After the release of the video, it immediately went viral all over Weibo and Wechat. This video was viewed 17 million times in just two days.

And in the first week, there were 86 influencers who mentioned SK II in 100 Weibo posts. This influencer marketing campaign generated more than 15 million RMB social media value and also increased SK II’s brand value. SK II’s success was mainly because of its courage, and they grasped the most heated topic. SK II and the two influencers took an enormous risk on filming the video on this topic. But this turned out to be a grand marketing success for the brand value.

3.Bad Influencer Marketing Practice

3.1 Non-increase in sales: Blindly choose an influencer

Because YouTube, weibo and other social media have a large number of users and influencers, it is important to choose the right product promoter who is highly relevant tothe product and the brand; otherwise, it would be difficult to achieve the expected sales growth. Without thinking about whether the influencer is the right choice, the company would probably spend a lot of money, but fail to attract the potential customers. Moreover, with a low conversion rate, the influencer marketing campaign would not add value to the brand either.

For example, when a video game company looks for influencers to promote his new military-themed game, “Rooster Teeth” and “SideStrafe” would be this company’s two choices. SideStrafeonly has about 200,000 followers, while the Rooster Teeth has more than 3million followers. At the first sight, Rooster Teeth seems to be a better choice.

However, given the specific condition of this video game, SideStrafe is more suitable because his videos and styles are more relevant to the “military-themed games”. If the video game business chooses a seemingly suitable game platform without taking all the considerations into account, the final result is all the efforts to be in vain. Therefore, it is important to find the right influencer and consider the future growth and potential of an influencer.

3.2 Decrease in Sales: NARS with Kai Ko

In 2018, famous cosmetics brand NARS invited Kai Ko, a Taiwan actor and influencer, to attend their new product releasing activity. After the customers saw this news on the social media, NARS was boycotted because everyone knows Kai Ko has a history of drug abuse.

NARS immediately issued a statement and apologized to invite Kai Ko to their activities. Nevertheless, the adverse consequences of inviting a wrong influencer proved to be lasting much longer than NARS expected.

Even until today, the business development of this foreign cosmetics brand in China is still struggled. Customers will mention Kai Ko’s event whenever they mention NARS. This failed influencer marketing campaign also had a negative impact on the product sales as well, adding salts to the fresh wound.


Influencer marketing is the most essential approach to marketing in the digital era. Compared with those traditional marketing methods, marketers need to consider the uniqueness and differences of the influencer marketing campaign, because influencer marketing campaign targets more directly to the customers and potential customers. Therefore, the campaign method will be more influential to the rise and decline of the sale and value of the brand.

The marketer should consider more about the customers’ attitudes towards the influencer, size of the market, effectiveness, heated topics and demand. Although influencer marketing is getting more and more favored by the brand owners, yet in the group of social media influencer is also getting larger. So how to select a suitable influencer for brand publicity and product promoting; how to promote product conversion rate while at the same time enhance the brand value; these are critical questions that a brand owner should take into consideration.